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Car Accident

Accidental Death

Was the death of your loved one caused by an accident? There are various types of accidents: automobile, plane crash, motorcycle, drowning to name a few. If your loved...

When you've lost someone to addiction


Was the death of your loved one caused by overdose? Please share your story. Tell us how it affected your life? What did you do to cope with...

Suicide Grief


Did you lose your loved one to suicide? If so, please share with us your story. Tell us how you have been able to deal with the loss...

Loss of a close friend

When a Friend Dies

Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. This was someone you were really close to. You did everything together. You could share your secrets and never worry...

Grieving Woman

Loved one gone

Dealing with the death of a loved one whether its a sibling, grandparent, aunt/ uncle, cousin or significant other can be traumatic. Please share your story about your...

Police Line Do Not Cross


There are various forms of murder: guns, stabbings, domestic violence, choking, etc. Who has a right to take a life? Murder of a love one is a traumatic...